Interview with Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim

Dr. Juchheim, you are a doctor with own practice in Munich for more than 30 years and active in the field of immunology and biological medicine and furthermore, a developper of your own skin care line. How did you actually hit on the idea to create your own cosmetic products?

Within the frame of beauty treatments in the Esthetic-Line clinic, I was consistently asked by my patients, which cosmetics they could use as follow-up treatment in order to maintain the result for a longer time. As there could not be found sufficiently effective products in the market, I started creating a highly effective cosmetics line by myself.

Your cosmetics are flying high in a sensational way presently, how do you make of that?

The difference to other cosmetic products is that in my cosmetics line there are highest concentrations of active ingredients, particularly peptides and vegetable extracts from the Ayurveda. Furthermore, there are special conveying factors, which bring these active ingredients into the deeper skin layers, where they can unfold themselves and care for a regeneration and rejouvenation of the skin. While other creams often stay on the skin surface, the effect cosmetics by Dr. Juchheim can work inside the skin and reach unique effects such as a natural lip enlargement, fast wrinkle reduction or bust embellishment.

This is why you call your cosmetics line "effect cosmetics"?

Yes, that’s right. With regular use, you can reach sensational effects, like a younger look you are often asked about. This means, everybody can make their personal lifting at home, smoothen neck and cleavage, give more volume to lips or embellish their bust.

Such great effects can certainly only be reached with chemical additives in the cosmetics?

I must contradict to this. The most effective means is still the nature. Therefore, the active ingredients of my cosmetics are based on vegetable extracts and natural amino acids. Thus, wrinkles can be reduced within short time with the use of my cosmetics and skin be smoothed and firmed. Furthermore, there are no parabens or paraffins contained.

Who is your cosmetics line suitable for?

Our lip care product Volume 4 Lips is already enthusiastically used by my 18 years old daughter. Middle aged women specially benefit from a regenerating, rebuilding and softly firming cosmetics such as 4 Minutes Lift. For women and men from the age of 50 I recommend my special „feel-good programme“ Xtreme 4 Minutes Lift in combination with Filler 4 Face. Lines and wrinkles can disappear within short time and the appearance become much younger.

Is the effect of your products scientifically proven?

The products of my cosmetic line have been tested by Institut Dermatest for skin tolerability and effectivity and were awared with the certificate „very good“ . However, for me it is decisive that by using the cosmetics the effect can be seen within short time and the people using it are asked about how they look so good.

Dr. Juchheim, you are 63 years old, but you look like 45. Do you also your products yourself?

Of course, I use my own cosmetics for about 6 years. Well, I am close to the source. Patients that come to my practice and haven`t seen me for a while always say "you become younger and younger!" I owe this to my cosmetics line.

This interview was conducted in January 2013 in Munich and issued in the health magazine EVITA.