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Book "Natural Miracle Molecules" – GERMAN

Here's how you can save your health.

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Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-00-068967-3

Our healthcare system is facing a variety of challenges. Because scientists are certain: The next pandemic is on the way! Antibiotic resistance continues to grow worldwide, and despite our modern medicine, cancer remains a major threat to humanity.

But they do exist: miracle molecules from nature that can help anyone strengthen their immune system and protect their health. The rediscovered, multitalented protein lactoferrin, known as man's oldest friend, is one of these miracle molecules. Not only can it fight infections extremely effectively, strengthening the body's defense system at the same time. It can also inhibit harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, reduce inflammation, lower the risk of cancer, regulate iron levels, and slow the aging process.

New studies show that lactoferrin can be successfully used not only preventively, but also therapeutically against COVID-19. Scientists believe that this multitalented natural molecule is one of the outstanding discoveries that can solve the health problems of millions of people.

This book provides a detailed explanation of how the miracle molecule lactoferrin, in combination with zinc-histidine and vitamin C from the camu camu berry, can make a valuable contribution to your health.