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ByeBye & Tonic

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  • 1 x ByeByeCellulite
  • 1 x Tonic Water

Application ByeByeCellulite

  • DCleansing the skin with the Tonic Water before applying the effect cosmetics increases the effect.
  • Apply ByeByeCellulite to the areas affected by cellulite 1 to 2 times daily. Start with a small amount of cream. Depending on your tolerance, you can increase the amount of ByeByeCellulite over time. If the effect is too strong, simply apply less next time.

The combination of ByeByeCellulite cream and tights is highly innovative. The combination can enhance the anti-cellulite effect dramatically. Wear the ByeByeCellulite tights for 8 hours during the day. In the evening, apply the ByeByeCellulite cream on the skin areas affected by cellulite.

Application Tonic Water

  • Before using Dr. Juchheim Effect Cosmetics, cleanse your skin with Cleansing Milk and Tonic Water.
  • Tonic Water contains aloe vera and green tea extract and is very well tolerated.
  • Apply the Tonic Water in the morning and evening after using the Cleansing Milk. This additionally cleanses and refreshes the skin.
  • Add the Tonic Water to a cotton pad and apply to the face.
  • Let it dry for a moment.
  • Then you can apply the creams of Dr. Juchheim's effect cosmetics to the skin.
  • The tonic water removes oily residues from the skin, so that the creams can penetrate the skin more quickly. This enhances their effect.
  • Can also be used for cleansing the chest area, as this can increase the effect of 4 Weeks Professional Forming.