CannaPur Face & Body Oil

Hemp oil with natural cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis extract.

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Cosmetic oral oil with full spectrum hemp leaf extract

Natural CBD Oil – 9,5% Cannabidiol (CBD)

CannaPur Complete 10 contains valuable natural cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis in a complex process. Using special extraction and filtration processes, natural cannabidiol is obtained from the extract of cannabis.

This forms a natural active complex with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals that occur naturally in the hemp leaf. This plant active complex shows incomparable performance and properties.

The THC content is far below 0.2%, so the oil is considered THC-free and has no intoxicating effect.

The CBD oral oil extracted from hemp leaves and hemp seeds is 100% natural and has a mild, pleasant, and slightly nutty taste. It is produced in Germany from legal EU certified commercial hemp varieties. The hemp plants used are highly resistant to pests, vermin and weeds of any kind. Therefore, the hemp plants are not chemically sprayed with herbicides, which mainly affect bees and other terrestrial animals.

Hemp plants are undemanding, moisture resistant, and sustainable.

The CannaPur Complete 10 Oral Oil acts directly on the oral mucosa and supports its natural protective barrier against harmful environmental influences. CannaPur Complete 10 Oral Oil soothes problems in the oral cavity, protects gums and teeth, and has a nourishing effect.

  • - contains 9,5% natural cannabidiol
  • - with full spectrum hemp leaf extract
  • - natural active complex (entourage effect)
  • - made in Germany from EU certified commercial hemp (Cannabis Sativa)
  • - natural, pleasant, and mild taste
  • - 100% natural
  • - tested by independent laboratories
  • - no intoxicating effect, as THC content is far below 0.2%
  • - contains natural vitamin E from sunflower seed oil
  • - vegan