Energy & Vitality Set

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Packing: 3 cans of 60 capsules each
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This set contains:
1x Fruit Blend (1 pack of 60 capsules)
1x Vegetable Blend (1 pack of 60 capsules)
1x Day-to-Day Multi-Vitamin-Mineral-Komplex (1 pack of 60 capsules)

Fruit Blend & Vegetable Blend

1 pack contains 60 capsules. This is enough for 2 months.
1 capsule per day is the recommended dose.

The two DAY-TO-DAY Fruit & Vegetable Capsules are packed with 19 varieties of fruits and vegetables. These provide valuable, natural vitamins, bioactive plant compounds, anti-oxidants, enzymes and minerals.

Fruit and vegetable antioxidants offer natural protection against too much free radicals. Experts from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg are doubtful of the general danger of free radicals. Because our immune system needs free radicals to protect us from infections and cancer. Thus, the researchers warn against taking high-dose antioxidants and recommend fruits and vegetables with their natural antioxidant substances, which protect us from an excess of free radicals, but not completely suppress them.

Day-to-Day Multi-Vitamin-Mineral-Komplex

1 pack contains 60 capsules. This is enough for 30 days.
2 capsules per day is the recommended dosage.

Our day-to-day multi-vitamin mineral complex not only provides essential, natural vitamins and minerals from extracts of fruits, vegetables, herbs and sango coral, but also valuable plant bioflavonoids, polyphenols and enzymes to protect and regenerate cells - ideal for health, energy and strength.

Our day-to-day Multi-Vitamin-Mineral-Komplex thus creates the daily balance that is often no longer possible through ingestion alone, and activates the natural life forces in our cells for an active lifestyle.

For example, an apple contains 10 milligrams of vitamin C, but its antioxidant effect is many times greater due to its interaction with all the natural plant compounds contained in the complex and exceeds the antioxidant effect of isolated vitamin C by a factor of 100.

While synthetic, isolated vitamins and antioxidants lead to an increased risk of disease when taken for long periods, natural vitamins and antioxidants are extremely beneficial to our health and are an important anti-aging factor.