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Hyaluron Lifting-Set

Global Lifting for Face and Neck

€424.95 incl. VAT plus Shipping
Base price € 139.33 / 100 ml


This Set contains:

  • Tonic Water - for cleansing
  • Hyaluron Effect Power Serum - apply completely.
  • Serum 4 Eyes - softly tapping around the eyes.
  • Xtreme 4 Minutes Lift - pat in lightly directly onto the lines and wrinkles.
  • Filler 4 Face - apply completely (excluding eyes).
  • Bio Balance Nutricreme - apply completely as sealing.

As a free bonus you will receive:

  • 3x Ultra Effect Eye Patches for Eye Lifting & reduce swelling.

Please let enter well between the individual steps.


  • Cleanse the skin with Tonic Water by Dr. Juchheim.
  • Apply Hyaluron Effect Power Serum onto the complete face and neck and let enter well.
  • Pat in lightly Serum 4 Eyes around the eye area.
  • Then gently tab in Xtreme 4 Minutes Lift around the eyes and let enter for a few minutes.
  • After this, apply Filler 4 Face onto the complete face and next and finally Bio Balance Nutricreme as sealing.
  • Please let enter the products well between the individual steps.