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INSTANT GLOW Face Cream 30 ml

Pures Charisma

€73.06 incl. VAT + Shipping
Basic price € 243,53 / 100 ml
Art. #149


Pure Charisma in just a few moments, this exquisite face cream contains novel, herbal ingredients that visibly perfect your skin and give it youthful radiance.

Instant Glow is an innovative anti-aging care that can protect your skin from harmful influences and give radiance and energy. A unique feel-good experience!

Instant Glow Face Cream is formulated specifically for smokers, city dwellers, stressed people and PC users to give the skin freshness, vitality and radiance from the first application.


  • Especially for pale and faded skin (smoker, city people, stress, PC user).
  • Visible luminosity from the first application.
  • Protection against harmful influences and refinement of the skin.
  • Anti-aging.


Apply this light, soft, bluish shimmering cream to the entire face including the eye area. Use in the morning and in the evening. Can be combined with a serum or other product from Effect cosmetics. The cream was developed especially for smokers, city dwellers, PC / mobile phone users, to protect the skin visibly against harmful environmental influences.