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Long Lash Effect Serum

Powerful Serum

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The highly active lash serum fulfills the dream of lashes with volume. The application with the eyeliner pen (no brush) is simple and uncomplicated. With just one stroke the optimum amount can be applied to the lash line. For each lid one single stroke is enough. No burning, no reddings, you normally do not feel anything.

Developed for the cosmetic branch, the central active ingredient MDM fulfills quickly and uncomplicated the beauty dream of many woman of optically long, opulent lashes. The active ingredients in the serum are proven for many years and are well-tolerated.

Active concept

  • Look like a star.
  • Improves the appearance of the lashes with more volume.
  • Beautiful looking lashes.
  • It is applied with an eyeliner 1-2x daily (morning / evening) with the eye open directly on the eyelash on the edge of the upper / lower eyelids. An eyeliner line is enough!


  • Use like an eyeliner.
  • In the morning and evening apply one eyeliner stroke on each lower and upper lid, directly along the lash line. One stroke is sufficient.
  • The use of the eyeliner pen is simple. With one single stroke the exact amount is applied, which can be absorbed by the lash root.
  • No excessive serum remains on the lid or drip into your eyes.
  • After 3 months, an application of 2 – 3 times a week is mostly sufficient.

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