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Set of 4 Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner 4x 2 ml (Total 8ml) BIO

Luxus Lipliner - Automatic Lipliner Pencil - 100% natural base

€42.70 incl. VAT + Shipping
Basic price € 533,75 / 100 ml
Art. #198


This set contains:
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Nude 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Red 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Rose 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Merlot 2 ml

This automatic lipliner on 100% natural base was developed for a perfect look of your lips. Gently sliding over your skin with high colour output, the lipliner enhances clear contours.

Natural ingredients and colourings provide precisely defined lips with attractive appeal and protect the delicate lip contour. The lips appear fuller and softer the whole day.


  • Place dots with the lipliner on the lip contour and connect them.
  • TIP: Fill the lips slightly with the lipliner and apply your lipstick over it. This will prolong the wear of your lipstick.