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Art. #364
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This set comes in a golden DRJ gift bag and a "JUCHHEIM" ribbon.

This set contains:
1x 4-er Set Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner
1x Luxury Glamour Lip Merlot
1x Luxury Glamour Lip Rose
1x Luxury Glamour Lip Red
1x Luxury Glamour Lip Nude
1x Volume 4 Lips Gloss Transparent

Free of charge:
1x Ultra Effect Lip Lifting (1 piece)
1x Golden DRJ Gift Bag with "JUCHHEIM" Ribbon

Set of 4 Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner

Organic certification according to Natrue.

This set contains:
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Nude 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Rot 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Rose 2 ml
1x Luxury Glamour Automatic Lipliner Merlot 2 ml

This automatic lipliner on 100% natural base was developed for a perfect look of your lips. Gently sliding over your skin with high colour output, the lipliner enhances clear contours.

Natural ingredients and colourings provide precisely defined lips with attractive appeal and protect the delicate lip contour. The lips appear fuller and softer the whole day.

Luxury Glamour Lip Merlot / Rose / Rot / Nude

Organic certification according to Natrue.

The innovative formula of Luxury Glamour Lip on 100 % natural basis grants your lips an ultra-modern matte look and covers them with seductive suppleness.

The specially intense pigmentation cares for stunning furore on your lips with colour fidelity the whole day long.

Precious natural extracts, hyaluronic acid and argan oil moisturize and create a pleasant, smooth feeling on the lips. The lip contour will be tightened and smoothened.

Your lips exudes a touch of glamour and sensual attraction.

Volume 4 Lips Gloss Transparent

This intense Lip gloss with 3D effect can give your lips immediately visible volume and create expressive dream lips.

The combination of activating ingredients with vegetable extracts and peptides lets appear your lips more voluminous and more sensual. With regular use, the highgrade active ingredients can improve the appearance of the lips, which can grant your lips firmness and volume also in the long term.