Shape Sensation Leggings BLACK (size XS)

360° slim effect

with decorative lace trim around the ankles

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Color: Black
Available in the sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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This product is size XS.

The seamless compression pants with inner seam are worn slightly over the stomach. The pants have a golden "JUCHHEIM" weave in the knitted waistband and elastic lace around the ankles.

Pure Luxury - Great Legs, Sexy Bottom and Super Comfortable

The pleasantly soft and super-comfortable material with high support strength shapes the legs, lifts the buttocks and ensures a flat stomach. The body lines are firmed and balanced.

360° slim effect – Thanks to innovative textiles, body heat is reflected into the fabric, creating a lasting slim effect all around.

Effect Cosmetics & Shape Sensation Leggings

The combination of the Effect Cosmetics products ByeByeCellulite, Lipo Sculp or 3D Bodylift with Shape Sensation Leggings is highly effective. The slimming/lifting effect can be enhanced synergistically and sustainably.

Latest Trend - ByeByeCellulite Creme & Tights/Shape Wear

The new way of body forming

Not only celebrities are fans of shapewear. Clothes simply fit better, even skirts and pants look perfect.

The latest trend is coming from Juchheim. ByeByeCellulite Creme combined with Juchheim Shapewear and Tights: an EFFECTIVE way of body forming. Simply apply ByeByeCellulite Creme auftragen - initially only in the evening because of its strong effect, after 1 week in the morning and evening - and wear the shapewear during the day.

These great pieces by Juchheim immediately create a perfect shape and everything sits in its place.

At the same time, the cream starts to work and the shapewear made of special yarns and mineral additives reflects the body heat as infrared rays into the body tissue. Lymphatic flow, blood circulation and fat burning are activated.

The results are amazing: a lighter feeling in the legs as well as an additional improvement in the appearance of cellulite, reduction in girth, visible body lifting and a smoother skin appearance - simply WOW!