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Volume 4 Lips Gloss Transparent 7 ml

Intense Lip booster
More voluminous and beautiful lips

€43.82 incl. VAT + Shipping
Basic price € 626,00 / 100 ml
Art. #32


This intense Lip gloss with 3D effect can give your lips immediately visible volume and create expressive dream lips.

The combination of activating ingredients with vegetable extracts and peptides lets appear your lips more voluminous and more sensual. With regular use, the highgrade active ingredients can improve the appearance of the lips, which can grant your lips firmness and volume also in the long term.


  • Intense Lip Gloss with 3 D effect.
  • Activating ingredients highlight the lip contour.
  • Plant extracts and petides supply long lasting effect.
  • The result are more voluminous and beautiful lips for many hours.


  • Activating ingredients can highlight your lip contour.
  • Peptides and vegetable extracts make appear your lips more voluminous and alluring.
  • The lips can achieve more radiance in the long term.


  • Volume 4 Lips Gloss can be applied onto the lips several times a day as desired.