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Volume 4 Lips Gloss Rose 6 ml

Intense Lip Booster
Fuller and more beautiful lips.

€49.95 incl. VAT plus Shipping
Basic price € 832,50 / 100ml


This intense 3-D lip gloss can quickly give your lips visible volume and helps to make dream lips a reality.

The combination of active ingredients with plant extracts and peptides helps to make the lips look more beautiful, fuller and more sensual. With regular use, the high-quality active ingredients help to promote the harmony of youthful lips, so that the appearance of the lips can gain increasingly in strength and volume.

Available colours: Red, Pink or Merlot.

Active concept

  • For volume and substance loss.
  • Intense lip gloss with 3-D effect.
  • Activating agents emphasize the lip contour.
  • Fuller and prettier lips for hours.


  • Activating agents can emphasize your lip contour.
  • Peptides and plant extracts can make your lips appear fuller and more sensual.
  • The lips can gain long-term radiance.


  • Volume 4 Lips Gloss can be applied to the lips several times a day as desired.