WOW Rouge Powder Nude

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The WOW Rouge Powder is a loose, micro-fine, silky powder blush that creates a natural and fresh glow on the cheeks, giving expression, and radiance.

The WOW Rouge Powder lays delicately and softly on the skin and provides a unique feel-good and fresh experience thanks to the nourishing ingredients.

The microfine spherical silica powder with controlled particle sizes and different surface textures can improve the durability of makeup, provide a pleasant feel-good experience, and give the skin youthful radiance.

The highly effective ingredients in WOW Rouge Powder can

  • create a fresh glow on the cheeks.
  • nourish the skin.
  • provide a pleasant feeling of well-being and freshness.
  • A hint of color on the cheeks contours the face and makes it glow instantly.
  • Apply the WOW Rouge Powder with a special rouge brush.
  • For more color, simply apply several layers on top of each other.
  • When applying the loose powder rouge, dab a suitable brush into the powder and swirl it back and forth several times.
  • Then apply to the cheek area, from the inside of your face outwards.
WOW Rouge Powder Nude

MICA A2, CI 77491, CI 77019, CI 77891, CI 77492, SILICA, CI 77499, SODIUM HYALURONATE