Lifting 4 Face Set - Conture Lift - Mask de la Creme & Conture Lift - Illumination Eye

Conture Lift 15ml & Illumination Eye 15ml SET and cosmetic spatula.

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This set contains:
1x Conture Lift - Mask de la Creme
1x Conture Lift - Illumination Eye

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Conture Lift Mask de la Creme 15 ml

Exceptional special lifting cream

Eye lifting , forehead lifting, cheek lifting, neck lifting within a few minutes

The instant lifting effect results from a special active ingredient complexe on natural basis in combination with peptides (instant effect). With regular use, the cream is in the position to re-model the eye contour for the long-term and act against puffiness, eye-rings and even against deep lines (long-term effect).

An exceptional lifting phenomen with natural and exquisite actives lets disappear lines. smoothes and tightens the skin, reduces eye shadows and puffiness. This activating and tightening cream is the crowning achievement in science, medical artistry and visible effect. There is nothing comparable. You will be amazed when you look into the mirror - a tremendous rejouvenated appearance within minutes.

Conture Lift Mask de la Creme is suitable for all skin types.

Conture Lift Illumination Eye 15 ml

Rich Eye cream – Nourishment and effect enhancement to the lifting

Illumination Eye unfolds its firming effect from the power of multi modular hyaluronic acids in combination with vitamin P and amino acids.

Contained in the hyaluron of the rich eye cream, there are different components which reach various dermal layers, retain moisture and noticeably smoothen and soften the skin. Lines are visibly reduced and moreover, the appearance of eye shadows and puffiness reduced.

Illumination Eye may be used solely, but is also the perfect completion to Conture Lift Mask de La Creme. This pleasantly light texture is suitable for all skin types and the perfect care to enhance the liftig effect.

Conture Lift  Set

Mask de la Creme & Illumination Eye Set 2 x 15ml

Your daily face lifting from home.

This extremely powerful duo was perfectly matched together during long years of scientific work.

Conture Lift Mask de La Creme firms and lifts your skin, Illumination Eye provides your skin with moisture and suppleness and makes it  noticeably smooth and soft and enhances the lifting.

The perfect formula for your daily face lifting.


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