Day-to-Day Vitamin B Complex Capsules

Vitamin B Complex from Sprouted Quinoa Powder

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Packing: 1 pack of 60 capsules
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1 pack contains 60 capsules, enough for 30 days.
2 capsules per day is the recommended dose.

The DAY-TO-DAY Vitamin B Complex is obtained from gluten-free quinoa seedlings grown under controlled organic conditions. Unlike synthetic, isolated vitamins, the DAY-TO-DAY Vitamin B capsules contain all 8 known B vitamins in the form of complexes, each of which consists of a large number of biologically active B vitamins that are otherwise only found in high-quality foods such as wheat sprouts. Compared to wheat sprouts, the content of organically bound B vitamins in the DAY-TO-DAY Vitamin B capsules from quinoa is considerably higher.

Common causes of vitamin B deficiency are vegan or vegetarian diets, stress, smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption, obesity, intestinal disorders, chronic diseases and medication. There is a greater need for vitamin B during pregnancy.