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Say bye-bye to your cellulite

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"I could see and feel how the cream worked from the very first application. The result was incredible, an immediate change. I love this cream!"

Kerstin Geilen

About Dr. Jürgen Juchheim

Simple. Powerful. Natural.

Dr. Jürgen Juchheim is a recognized specialist and pioneer of cellular and regenerative skin care cosmetics throughout Europe. His powerful but simple solutions address the causes of skin problems holistically.

Plant extracts from the 5000 year old Ayurveda teachings in combination with high-tech molecules unite nature and science and are the basis of his skin care with a quick, visible and lasting effect.

His knowledge is based on 35 years of experience in his own practice and clinic in the center of Munich. Dr. Jürgen Juchheim is a medical specialist specializing in immunology and medical aesthetics. His credo: natural beauty without surgery.

Vegetable base Scientifically confirmed

ByeByeCellulite. The power package against cellulite.

The interaction of the highly concentrated active ingredients can visibly even out and harmonize dimples. The extremely powerful ByeByeCellulite can give you a completely new body feeling thanks to its powerful effect.

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* of the participants, 30 participants, application 4 weeks 2x daily, result questionnaire
"The result after only 10 days of use, 7 cm less circumference, water retention hardly noticeable in the legs and a super smooth complexion! Thank you!!!"
Susanne Jansen
"I already felt an effect after the 1st treatment, after only 4 applications I started to burn fat, my skin became firmer and smoother - a real cellulite shock!!!"
Barbara Berger
"I suffered a lot from my pronounced orange peel skin on my legs. That is history since using Byebyecellulite."
Regina Rössler

Our 28 days promise.

Clinically proven:

Without ByeByeCellulite
With ByeByeCellulite

I would never have thought in my life that there is a cream that works against cellulite! For me, there is simply NOTHING comparable.

Sabine Haschek

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Your power combination against cellulite and lipoedema

Scientifically proven to combat cellulite
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"It's scientifically proven that we feel younger when we look younger."

Dr. Jürgen Juchheim