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The issue of thin hair and hair loss has made me unhappy for years. I have now been taking Welcome Hair capsules and serum for 4 weeks and I can already see a clear improvement. I am totally happy. Great products.

Julia Konrad

We offer a holistic
approach against factors that
make hair thinner and
cause hair loss

  • Physical or emotional stress, such as anger at work or caring for a child
  • DHT sensitivity, caused by genes, stress, toxins
  • Lifestyle factors such as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or medication
  • Nutrient deficiency, intestinal and metabolic disorders impair the function of the hair follicles
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause cause hormonal imbalance and have a negative effect on the hair follicles
  • The ageing process impairs the function of the hair follicles

Clinically tested for visibly stronger and fuller hair in 3-6 months

Welcome Hair contains a pioneering, harmonised hair growth complex of plant substances, amino acids, vitamins and zinc and offers a unique, multifactorial approach that combats the causes of thin hair at all levels.

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more hair growth



Visibly fuller and thicker hair

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thicker hair

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silkier hair

* of the participants, 20 men, 10 women, application 12 weeks 2x daily, result questionnaire
"My father, uncle and brother are all bald. I'm happy that I've been using Welcome Hair for 3 months and the hair on my head has become much fuller.
Can highly recommend Welcome Hair."
Thomas Häcker
"After 3 months of use, my hair has become significantly fuller and stronger. I take Welcome Hair capsules and serum and will continue to do so.
Really, don't want to go bald!
Horst Seebach
"I tried everything against my hair loss and nothing helped. Welcome Hair has stopped my hair loss within a few weeks. Now, after 3 months, my hair is visibly fuller. I am completely flashed!"
Sabine Freimuth

Our 6 months promise
for thicker hair

Without Welcome Hair
With Welcome Hair

Welcome Hair has exceeded my expectations. My hair has become visibly fuller and more beautiful.

Esther Rau

Get back the hair
that you deserve

Your power combination against hair loss

The Welcome Hair

The Hair Growth Formula for more hair growth

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The Welcome Hair

The Anti Hair Loss Formula
for men and women

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