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Effect Color MakeUp

by Dr. Juchheim

Effect Color MakeUp is an innovative decorative cosmetic line featuring unique pigments with excellent coverage and multiple intensive effects on a biological basis. It provides additional care and regenerates the skin. Aging of the skin and wrinkles are effectively prevented, existing wrinkles can be smoothed, and facial skin can be harmonized, rejuvenated, and lifted.

The result: Brilliant colors, impressive coverage, and a high gloss with an instantly visible smoothing, lifting, and anti-aging effect. The skin looks revitalized with a younger appearance, smoothed wrinkles, and fascinating attractiveness and radiance.

Be inspired by our impressive, decorative and nourishing cosmetic line with the WOW effect. Experience and enjoy your new radiance and attraction—or, if preferred: enchanting, charming, fascinating, seductive, and enticing.

Dr. Juchheim

The Effect Color MakeUp by Dr. Juchheim is

  • 100% free of silicone, kerosene, mineral oil, PEGs*, and microplastics.
  • free of chemical irritants.
  • cruelty-free.
  • vegan.

*except Eyebrow Contouring

WOW Eye Shadow Gray Brown 0.8 g

0.8 g 
€5.95 *
Basic price € 743,75 / 100 g