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Essential Oils

The world of essential oils by Dr. Juchheim


Our essential oils are characterized by an intense fragrance perceived as soon as the vial is opened. The word “essential” in its origin stands for the heavenly. Our essential oils are gently extracted from plants and exude the power of nature.

Essential oils are essential for plants to survive, protecting them from adverse environmental conditions and pests and playing an important role in pollination. Humans can also benefit from the many advantages of essential oils.

Since ancient times, essential oils have been used in beauty treatments, religious rituals, and food preparation. In Ayurveda teachings, essential oils have played a central role as aromatic and plant substances for over 5000 years.

Our essential oils are 100% natural and organic and are sustainably and gently extracted from plants. They convince with the highest quality standards regarding naturalness, purity, sustainability, and product quality. Only pure and unadulterated nature can provide balance, harmony, and a positive outlook on life.

100% natural in best organic quality: Since essential oils reach the brain and organs by smelling or through the skin or gastrointestinal tract, there is nothing in our essential oils that does not belong in them. No pesticides, no additives, no artificial flavors, no dilutants.

Organic quality: All of our essential oils are certified organic by Ecocert and have been awarded the organic seal.

100% all-natural essential oils: By selecting reliable organic farming partners, we ensure that all essential oils are cultivated without using genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers, or chemical agents such as herbicides or pesticides. We fully trust in the power of nature.

Cruelty-free: The mindful and considerate handling of nature and all living creatures is close to Dr. Juchheim’s heart. That is why we do not use any plant substances tested on animals.

Dive into the world of essential oils by Dr. Juchheim, enjoy the heavenly aroma, and be inspired.


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