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acne & blemishes

An overproduction of sebum in the skin and a disturbed microbiome with bacterial inflammation lead to skin blemishes. The cause is usually an increased consumption of sugary foods, soft drinks and white flour products.

It has been scientifically proven that there is no acne among primitive peoples. Dr. Juchheim's anti-acne routine takes a holistic approach based on reduced sugar consumption, natural, antibacterial active ingredients and the super molecule lactoferrin.

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Your anti-acne routine

Take advantage of My Private Beautyline - Anti-Microbial Toner, Silver Firming Serum and Lactoferrin Defense capsules as a dietary supplement, 2 x 2 daily.

Our quality promise

No silicones (dimethicone)
No nanoparticles
No microplastics (acrylates)
No liquid plastics
No hormones

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