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HappyPur Spray 30 ml

Food supplements with plant extract

Feel the taste of happiness

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Spray the taste of happiness

HappyPur Spray contains micronized roseroot extract with a particle size between 10-40 microns. The extract is standardized and of highest quality.

The Golden Root - an ancient plant

According to legend, even the Vikings chewed the golden root (roseroot). This gave them strength and endurance and helped them to survive the greatest hardships. Roseroot was popularly used as a general tonic and for focus and performance.

Does chocolate make you happy?

Everyone knows the craving for chocolate after stress and strain. Chocolate is rich in the amino acid tryptophan. With the help of the sugar in the chocolate, tryptophane reaches the brain more easily and thus raises the level of the hormone serotonin, also called the happiness hormone. The mood rises. The roseroot extract does it in a similar way as chocolate.

Micronization - the new technology

Better bioavailability through micronization. Micronized roseroot extract is generally better absorbed by the body.


Spray 2 x 8 sprays per day (equivalent to 2 x 1 ml) under your tongue or on the cheek mucosa in your mouth.