3x Vitamin E Komplex

Natural and vegan

 3-month pack with 3 doses of 60 capsules (total 180 capsules).

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Packing: 3 cans á 60 capsules
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1 box contains 60 capsules. This is enough for 1 month.
2 capsules per day is the recommended dose.

In conventional vitamin E capsules, there is usually only alpha-tocopherol. This is just a single substance from the Vitamin E family but vitamin E is a whole family of powerful antioxidants.

These include alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocotrienols. This natural blend of tocopherols and tocotrienols is included in our vitamin E complex.

It used to be thought that alpha-tocopherol was the most effective form of vitamin E. Now, studies have clearly shown that tocotrienols can sometimes be up to 40 times more effective in terms of antioxidant activity and that long-term intake of the single substance alpha-tocopherol (conventional vitamin E) may have a negative impact on health.