My Private Beautyline - Dry Skin Ampoule Face

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The skin becomes dry if it produces too little sebum (sebostasis). Improper care with synthetic ingredients can also irritate and dry out the skin. The skin barrier in the upper skin layer (stratum corneum) is damaged, resulting in an uncontrolled loss of moisture through the skin. The skin becomes chapped and begins to itch. The Dry Skin ampoule contains natural, high-quality lipids of saturated fatty acids. These remain longer on the skin and can seal the permeable areas in the skin, reducing moisture evaporation. Dry skin gradually begins to regain its normal balance.

Please note: You cannot use this product by itself. You need the Base Creme Face & Body. Prior to application, please cleanse your skin with the Antimicrobial Toner. An overview of all products of the My Private Beautyline can be found here.

My Private Beautyline

100% Natural & Vegan | Organic

No Palm Oil | Non-GMO

No Paraffins | No Microplastics

No Chemicals | No Silicones

No PEGs | No Additives


(Base Creme 30 ml)

Base Creme Face & Body
-Base Creme-


(Ampoules 4 ml)

Normal Skin Ampoule Face
-Normal Skin-

Oily/Impure Skin Ampoule Face
-Oily Skin-

Combination Skin Ampoule Face
-Combination Skin-

Dry Skin Ampoule Face
-Dry Skin-

Sensitive Skin Ampoule Face
-Sensitive Skin-


(Shots 4 ml)

Hyaluron Shot Ampoule Face
-Hyaluron Shot-

Baby Shot Ampoule Face & Body
-Baby Shot-

For dry skin, mix a Dry Skin ampoule into the base cream and apply morning and evening.

Used were the Antimicrobial Toner and the Base Creme mixed with the Dry Skin Ampoule Face and the Hyaluron Shot Ampoule Face.

Application started on 4 November 2020 with the after photos taken on 11 November 2020. The products were applied 2 times a day.

1x My Private Beautyline - Dry Skin Ampoule Face

My Private Beautyline - Dry Skin Ampoule Face

Ingredients: Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, Squalane, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

*ingredients from certified organic agriculture

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With our organic high-tech cosmetics, you will see an effect just minutes after application. And all based on natural active ingredients.

"I have already tried many products and can only say one thing in a nutshell: try them and be amazed. But you have to experience it for yourself!"

Andrea Wagner

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